• Jamie York

Please Help Matthew

Matthew found out May 26, 2019 that he has IGA Nephropathy. He ended up in the hospital due to high potassium and found that his kidney function was 16%. No symptoms. Nothing. We had no idea. Since then we have had 2 additional hospitalizations. The last one right now due to pneumonia which apparently respiratory issues and IGA are a bad combo. His kidney function is now 7%. He needs a kidney. We have a few people being tested currently. He started dialysis in the hospital for the first time yesterday.

He is a son, brother, husband, father and poppy. He’s 44. He was working full time but now he isn’t working at all. I’m working full time 2 jobs while raising our son and 2 grandsons, helping him and his dad who has throat cancer - chemo/radiation started today.

Blood type - B+ Hospital - KU Coordinator's name and number - Christina Self 913-945-6929 email cself@kumc.edu

While life may be rough right now, we know God has a plan for us.

Meet Matthew - my soul.

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