• Jamie York

Pumpkin's Grandma Needs a Kidney

Name: Patricia Leporini Age: 69 (9/1/50) Blood Type: B Hospital: St.Barnabas (Livingston,NJ) Case worker:Terry (973-322-5963)

Grandma Patricia's kidneys failed about 5 years ago from use of Vioxx for her arthritis. Grandpa and Grandma married 47 years ago (Amazing love story). They have four grown adult kids. Grandma Patricia worked in the Woodland Park School System for 27 years at Memorial Middle School as a secretary to the principal in the main office. She spent many of those years assisting needy children in her school. Grandma Patricia retired 1.5 years ago. Please consider being tested so my grandma can live the retired life she deserves.

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