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Terry Wants A Donor - KIDNEY FOUND

I believe there is a person out there in this world whose heart is big enough, who has the generosity of spirit and the strength to say YES to saving my life. I know there is. So, I am asking you to please contact me here on this page with your affirmative response to my earnest question of, Will You Be My Donor?

You have the ability to give me back my health, free me from the dialysis machine and give me a chance to be a positive member of my community. Only you can do this for me. I have been suffering and struggling for too long, fighting and wrestling with this disease. For myself, I have done all that I can do. I now need your help. Please say that you will help me. There is an enormous amount of evidence showing that humans can live their full and complete lifespan with only one healthy kidney. It is no longer theory, it is fact. And that fact has given people like me who would otherwise go quietly away and deal with our pain the courage to ask for help. It has also strengthened thousands and thousands of people who have already stepped up and saved the lives of thousands and thousands of people. They said YES! And I need you to say YES on my behalf. Please.

My blood type is B+ and I am listed at St. Luke's 4320 Wornall Road, Suite 304 Kansas City, MO.


Terry Roberts

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